Traffic calming in school zones

The Kingscourt-Rideau district has several new schools and a large secondary school scheduled to open in 2019. While the development of local schools has been a benefit, there is work to be done to ensure the school traffic and neighborhood streets function safely with increased traffic.  I have been working with school board and city staff to develop a safe, effective traffic design for areas impacted and will bring forward enhanced measures for reduced speed and traffic in school zones across the city.

Greater connectivity between neighborhoods and amenities

We are fortunate to have a number of recreational spaces across the Kingscourt-Rideau district.  However, parks and public spaces are in need of upgrades and should be more easily accessible by pedestrian and cycling routes.  I will work to ensure the K&P Trail and street cycling/pedestrian routes will provide residents with safer, easier access to amenities along Montreal Street and King’s Crossing.   It is vital that young people in particular can access volunteer, employment and educational opportunities all over the city.

Community recreation and safety initiatives

Residents of Kingscourt-Rideau are committed to improving their neighborhoods.  I have heard numerous proposals and requests for improvements to neighborhood park designs to ensure that children and youth have opportunities to engage in sport and play in well-equipped public spaces.  I will work toward improving the quality and safety of public spaces so that residents of all ages can access physical and social activities – enhancing the strong community ties that already exist.